Producers Investing in Crop Research to Benefit Western Canadian Farmers

WGRF makes decisions that are mindful of the economic interests of producers. WGRF supports many public research programs and projects from across Western Canada, with both long-term and short-term agreements. Research goals and objectives are outlined at the onset of research agreements with regular reviews and annual progress reports submitted by each of the researchers.

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The WGRF Endowment Fund supports research across all crop types. This fund is set-up to look at the long-term stability of crop research in Western Canada. Check-off dollars are invested into wheat and barley breeding research through long term agreements with public institutions. Breeding agreements target increasing yield, improving disease and insect resistance, developing special adaptational characteristics and improving overall quality.

Endowment Fund

Over the next four years WGRF will increase funding to multi-crop research while continuing funding of crop specific research. Western Canadian field crop producers are being impacted by complex whole farm multi-crop issues requiring integrated, multi-disciplinary research approaches. On a broader scale, changes to the economic, policy, technological, social, regulatory and biological environments are impacting many aspects of crop production, including crop choice, crop adaptation, agronomy, pest management and access to new technology. Building on WGRF’s experience in leading agronomy research capacity, WGRF is well positioned to fund and lead research on whole farm integrated multi-crop issues.

Wheat and Barley Variety Development

The Western Canadian Deduction (WCD) ends on July 31, 2017 and provincial wheat and barley commissions/associations will assume responsibility for the consolidation of the WCD into their respective check-offs. WGRF has renewed core agreements with public institutions for wheat and barley variety development until 2020 to allow for a smooth transition to leadership from the commissions/associations.

WGRF will continue involvement in funding wheat and barley variety development beyond 2020 through the use of wheat and barley reserve funds.