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Endowment Fund Overview

In 1981, $9 million was transferred from the discontinued Prairie Farm Assistance Act, becoming the base of the Endowment Fund. The principal of the Endowment Fund is invested and the earnings are used to fund a wide variety of crop research. Cereals, oilseeds, pulses and special crops all need to be profitable for western Canadian producers to have sustainable crop rotations. Organizing the fund in this way looks to the future and long-term stability of crop research in Western Canada.

In 2000, the Federal Government named WGRF under the Canada Transportation Act as the organization that would receive funds that were deemed to be in excess of the set revenue cap that governs each of the Canadian railways. Excess funds are transferred into WGRF’s Endowment Fund. About $67 million was received by WGRF for the 2007-08 crop year in relation to the hopper car maintenance portion of the revenue cap formula. A complete history of the funds WGRF has received through the revenue cap can be found here.

Valued at over $100 million, the WGRF Endowment Fund is large enough to have a significant impact on western Canadian agriculture. Research expenditure via the Endowment Fund provides WGRF a real opportunity to enhance the profitability and sustainability of producers in western Canada.