FHB screening of CDC barley selections, 2016-2020

Posted on 06.02.2017 | Last Modified 07.05.2019
Lead Researcher (PI): Beattie, Aaron
Institution: University of Saskatchewan
Total WGRF Funding: $214,167
Co-Funders: Agriculture Development Fund, Saskatchewan Barley Development Commission
Start Date: 2016
Project Length: 5 Years

To evaluate new CDC barley germplasm and advanced CDC barley breeding lines for FHB resistance/low DON accumulation within the collaborative FHB nurseries established across Canada. To improve predictive NIR calibrations of barley grain DON content to use as a screening tool. To evaluate a set of adapted barley linese showing a range of tolerance to FHB and DON accumulation for the purpose of identifying QTL linked to FHB tolerance that could be used as an early generation screening tool.