Through a number of partnerships and agreements with university crop development centres and Government research facilities, WGRF invests the funds collected through the western Canadian wheat check-offs into wheat variety development. Producer check-offs play a vital role in funding this long-term research. WGRF’s collaborative wheat breeding agreements help to create long-term stability for research programs. Our producer-led Board helps set breeding priorities to ensure wheat breeders are developing varieties that address the needs of growers and processors. Investments from check-off funds create a partnership between farmers and researchers that have been on-going since 1994. WGRF invests on average over $10 million each year in wheat breeding research and has commitments of more than $26 million dollars through 2020.

A return on investment study commissioned by the WGRF has estimated that investment in wheat varietal research is providing producers with a very high return on their investment. This study calculates that on average every producer check-off dollar invested into wheat varietal research has returned $20.40 in value to the producer.

Wheat $1 of Check-off = $20.40 Producer Value

WGRF leads and administers the National Wheat Improvement Program (Wheat Cluster) under the federal Growing Forward 2 Agri-Science Cluster Program. Other funding organizations participating in the Wheat Cluster include the Government of Canada, the Alberta Wheat Commission (AWC) and the Canadian Field Crop Research Alliance (CFCRA).

The Wheat Cluster is valued at $25.2M and the includes 50 research projects are aimed at producing varieties that are high quality, high yielding and with improved disease resistance. The five-year initiative will wrap up in 2018. The Wheat Cluster will deliver higher-yielding wheat varieties for Canadian producers. The new varieties will include the best sources of disease and insect resistance and will be better able to withstand adverse environmental conditions, while meeting the strict quality standards required to address market needs. The wheat varieties developed through this program will contribute to the continued success of Canadian producers and have an important impact on the Canadian and rural economies.

Funding organizations from across Canada are participating in the development of a Canadian National Wheat Cluster for submission to the next federal Agriculture Policy Framework (APF), the successor to the current Growing Forward 2 programming.

The Funding Organizations supporting this Request for Letter of Interest include the Alberta Wheat Commission, the Canadian Field Crop Research Alliance (whose members include Grain Farmers of Ontario, Producteurs de grains du Québec, Atlantic Grains Council, and SeCan Association), Ducks Unlimited, Manitoba Wheat and Barley Growers Association, Saskatchewan Wheat Development Commission, Saskatchewan Winter Cereals Development Commission, Western Grains Research Foundation and Winter Cereals Manitoba Inc.

The research priorities of the Funding Organizations and the process for submission are included in the attached documents:

  1. Request for Letter of Interest – Canadian National Wheat Cluster
  2. Letter of Interest Template Form – Canadian National Wheat Cluster

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact:
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Research Program Manager
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