Producer check-offs on barley are invested by WGRF into the barley breeding programs with university crop development centres and Government research facilities. Through a number of partnerships and agreements with university crop development centres and Government research facilities. WGRF invests the funds collected through the western Canadian barley check-offs into barley variety development. Producer check-offs play a vital role in funding this long-term research. WGRF’s collaborative barley breeding agreements help to create long-term stability for research programs. Our producer-led Board helps set breeding priorities to ensure barley breeders are developing varieties that address the needs of growers and processors.

WGRF invests, on average, over $1 million each year in barley breeding research through a number of partnerships and agreements and has commitments of more than $2.7 million dollars through 2020.

A return on investment study commissioned by the WGRF has estimated that investment in barley varietal research is providing producers with a very high return on their investment. This study calculates that on average every producer check-off dollar invested into barley varietal research has returned $7.56 in value to the producer.

Barley $1 of Check-off = $7.56 Producer Value

WGRF is a co-funder along with the Brewing and Malting Barley Research Institute (BMBRI), the Rahr Corporation, the Atlantic Grains Council, the Barley Council of Canada (BCC) and Alberta Barley of the National Barley Research Cluster. The goal of the barley cluster is to accelerate the development of all classes of barley varieties through the adoption of best practices in technology, agronomic methods, crop management, breeding and genetic techniques, and the development of new value-added market applications.