• Collection of Check-off Funds

    Wheat and barley check-off deductions are made on sales GO »
  • Investment of check-off funds

    Check-off dollars are used to support varietal breeding research. GO »
  • Wheat and Barley Varieties Developed

    Over 200 wheat and barley varieties developed. GO »
  • SR&ED Tax Credit

    Producers who contribute to check-offs are entitled to a tax credit. GO »

For Producers

The WGRF Check-off Funds are the largest producer-supported funds for wheat and barley variety development in Canada. This ensures that producers have direct input into setting the wheat and barley breeding objectives and priorities.

WGRF has assisted in the development and release of more than 190 new wheat and barley varieties over the past decade and a half, many of which are today seeded to large portions of the cropland in Western Canada.

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