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WGRF Research – Farmer Funded, Farmer Directed

Producers on the WGRF Board of Directors are at the front-line in the research decision making process. WGRF makes decisions that are mindful of the economic interests of producers. Research goals and objectives are outlined at the onset of research agreements with regular reviews and annual progress reports submitted by each of the researchers. Mid-term reviews are conducted on long-term agreements to ensure targets remain on track with industry and global trends. No other organization investing producer research dollars has this type of broad based representation.

WGRF invested over $19 million into breeding and crop production research for western Canadian producers in 2015. WGRF manages an endowment fund, and the wheat and barley check-off funds. Each of these three funds is distinct in how funds are obtained and how funds are used.  The wheat and barley check-off funds are invested specifically into wheat and barley breeding. The Endowment Fund supports research in all crops, looking specifically at projects that show the most potential for farmer benefit.

WGRF supports many public research programs and projects from across western Canada, with both long-term and short-term agreements. Each dollar invested is leveraged to attain additional government funds that match or double the investment made by producers.

The Endowment Fund supports research across all crop types, looking specifically at projects that show potential for farmer benefit and demonstrate scientific merit. This fund is set-up to look at the long-term stability of crop research in Western Canada.