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SR&ED Tax Credit

The federal government’s Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) determines the annual eligible tax credit under its Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) Program. This provides producers with the opportunity to get a tax credit for their check-off investments.

The tax credit percentage for producers who contributed to WGRF through the wheat and barley check-off in 2016 are 75% for wheat and 74% for barley.

For more information on the process of claiming tax credits, please consult your accountant or the Canada Revenue Agency directly. For information on the federal SR&ED investment tax credit, visit

2015 74% for wheat and 73% for barley.
2014 – 74% for wheat and 74% for barley.
2013  – 68% for wheat and 71% for barley.
2012- 85% for wheat and 86% for barley.
2011 – 84% for wheat and 83% for barley.
2010 – 74% for wheat and 69% for barley.
2009 – 83% for wheat and 76% for barley.