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Wheat and Barley Check-off Overview

The refundable check-off rates are prescribed by the federal government (please click here for Regulations Respecting Research, Market Development and Technical Assistance (Wheat and Barley) and will be administered to WGRF, Cigi and CMBTC through the Alberta Barley Commission.

The deductions outlined in this regulation go to support research, market development and technical assistance programs in western Canada provided by the Western Grains Research Foundation, the Canadian International Grains Institute and the Canadian Malting Barley Technical Centre. These deductions were created by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada to replace existing funds for these programs previously channelled through the Canadian Wheat Board.These transitional check-offs are in addition to any pre-existing provincial check-offs such as the BC Peace River Grain Industry Development Council levy or the Alberta Wheat Commission (AWC) check-off.

The Regulations allow for wheat and barley check-off deductions to be made on sales of wheat and barley delivered to licensed grain buyers who issue cash purchase tickets effective August 1, 2012. These amounts will be noted as “Deduction of levy” on the Cash Purchase Ticket provided on grains sales at Canadian Grain Commission-licensed facilities.

The check-offs apply to wheat and barley grown in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta (Alberta barley exempt), and the Peace River District of British Columbia. The check-off funds collected support WGRF and the operations of the Canadian International Grains Institute (cigi) and the Canadian Malting Barley Technical Centre (CMBTC). The check-offs do not apply to imports, producer-to-producer sales, and feed and exports not delivered through licensed facilities. Producers are to request a refund of the check-off if they wish.

Producers will contribute the same amount of funding to WGRF, Cigi and CMBTC through the new wheat and barley check-off as they previously did through CWB managed check-off deductions and CWB project funding.The check-off rates are:

  • $0.48 per tonne of wheat
    • $0.30 to the WGRF
    • $0.15 to Cigi
    • $0.03 for administration
  • $0.56 per tonne of barley
    • $0.50 to the WGRF
    • $0.03 to the CMBTC
    • $0.03 for administration

Since 1993, western Canadian farmers have been profiting through the WGRF administered wheat and barley check-offs with new and improved varieties. WGRF leverages this money by cost-sharing the costs of public research with governments and other contributors to wheat and barley breeding programs.

Historically, the WGRF check-offs for wheat and barley were collected by the CWB through a deduction on CWB final payments to producers at a rate of $.30 a tonne for wheat and $.50 a tonne for barley.  The CWB then forwarded the check-off revenue to WGRF and the revenue was used by to support development of new and improved wheat and barley varieties.

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