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Q. Are these check-offs new?

A. The deductions replace the previous deduction that was collected by the Canadian Wheat Board. The way in which the check-offs are administered and appear on your Cash Purchase Ticket (CPT) are new.

The western Canadian wheat and barley check-off is a new way for farmers to continue their support for variety research and market development as in the past through the Canadian Wheat Board (CWB).

Q. Why should wheat and barley growers support the check-off?

A. There are many reasons why farmers may choose to support the check-offs, but here are three of the most important:

1)   Supporting the wheat and barley check-offs brings new and improved wheat and barley varieties to your farm.

  • The WGRF has assisted in the development and release of more than 110 new wheat and barley varieties over the past 15 years.
  • The WGRF invests, on average, over $6 million each year in public wheat and barley breeding programs.

2)   Supporting the wheat and barley check-offs creates new marketing opportunities for your crops.

3)   Supporting the check-off maintains your unique, competitive edge in the global marketplace for wheat and barley.

  • Cigi and the CMBTC are unique advantages for Canada in world grain markets because they provide value-added technical support to end-users or buyers of Canadian grain products.
  • In the new open market, Cigi will work to build and maintain Canada’s reputation for high quality wheat and durum.
  • Cigi and the CMBTC help Canadian farmers meet the needs of world customers through their expertise in milling, baking, noodles and Asian products, pasta processing, grain quality testing and evaluation, malting and brewing.

Q. Why is the Alberta Barley Commission administering this check-off?

A. The Alberta Barley Commission (ABC) was selected to provide a producer-run, cost-effective solution to administer the check-off.
  • The ABC is a producer-run organization with more than 20 years of experience in collecting and remitting deductions.
  • The ABC will collect the funds that come in from Levy Central, administer them to the three recipients and coordinate any refund requests.
  • The ABC has entered into an understanding with the federal government to determine what amounts of the check-off to provide to WGRF, Cigi and the CMBTC. Check-off rates are prescribed in Regulation.
  • The program is a transitional measure mandated to not last longer than five years from August 1, 2012.