WGRF to Receive Payment from CP and CN Rail

December 19, 2012 at 02:55 PM

WGRF is set to receive $672,329 from the Canadian Pacific Railway Company (CP) and the Canadian National Railway Company (CN). The Canadian Transportation Agency announced on December 19, 2012 that Canadian National Railway and Canadian Pacific Railway both exceeded their railway revenue caps for the 2011-12 crop year:

  • CN’s grain revenue of $542,756,316 was $240,185 above its cap of $542,516,131.
  • CP’s grain revenue of $494,436,705 was $400,132 above its revenue cap of $494,036,573.

CN and CP now have until January 19, 2013 to appeal the ruling or pay the amount by which they exceeded their 2011-2012 revenue caps, in addition to a five percent penalty of $12,009 and $20,006, respectively.

The news release on the ruling is available from the Canadian Transportation Agency website at www.cta-otc.gc.ca.


WGRF Applauds Global Institute for Food Security

December 10, 2012 at 11:00 AM

“The Western Grains Research Foundation (WGRF) congratulates the Province of Saskatchewan, the University of Saskatchewan, and Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan Inc. on the establishment of the Global Institute for Food Security,” said Dave Sefton of Broadview SK and WGRF Board Chair. “WGRF is very supportive of partnerships between producers, private industry and public institutions to increase the productivity of western Canadian producers.”

“Western Canada is well positioned to increase its share of world food exports and the establishment of the Global Institute for Food Security places Saskatchewan in a leadership position,” said Gerrid Gust of Davidson SK and WGRF Board Executive Member. “Producers need higher yielding cereal, oilseed and pulse varieties along with the best agronomic tools to increase production on their farms,” says Gust. “The Global Institute for Food Security along with the cluster of public and private researchers on the University of Saskatchewan campus and at Innovation Place can do this for us.”

“WGRF invests over $6 million of producers’ dollars annually into crop variety development and agronomic research and the University of Saskatchewan is an important research partner,” said Garth Patterson, WGRF Executive Director. “We plan to increase our research funding by $15 million over the next four years and I am confident that the University’s increased research capacity will attract a portion of this funding.”


For further information, contact:

Mike Espeseth
Communications Manager
Western Grains Research Foundation